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DCC No.3

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It can keep luster like the new car in semi-permanently.

The coated film for automobile has clear layers on the surface and it has hardness 2.
But, it will start deteriorating by the acid rain and ultraviolet rays.
As a time goes by, the paintwork is harden, and then come off and changes to powder.
DCC is the extreme thick coating layer which is maximum hardness 10. And it protects the paintwork strongly and it keeps beautiful luster beyond new car in semi-permanently.

The car washing is OK only washing in water.

DCC keeps oil stain off, because it makes hydrophilic coating layer.
An usual care is OK only by washing in water, because that layer is strong against the heat, and because it's very thick and it doesn’t soften in the high temperature and it doesn't hold the dirt.
It definitely decreases the number of the car wash.
You might be impressed by the process in which the dirt will be rid of with the rain when you drive in the rainy day.

To keep the wheel clean.

The brake dust and the mud stain on the wheel can't get rid of easily.
Those stain and dust adhere very less to the car after DCC coating.
When the car becomes dirty, it will become clean by washing by water with a sponge.

The dead bodies of insects and droppings of the birds that adhere with driving can get rid of by water washing.

From spring to autumn, when you drive on the highway, many dead bodies of insects adhere to the lights and bumper of the car.
They are quite hard to rid of, and if you leave it long time, they will erode the paintwork and can’t get rid of them.
DCC can protect the paintwork with the very thick coating layer.
We have heard a story “all dead bodies of insects came off from the car when someone drove around one hour in the rainy day.”


A heat-resistance test

The photo on the right shows the heat resistance test.
These are the experiment to compare between the paintwork of DCC and the paintwork of no coating. We used a handy burner for outdoor.
The paintwork of no coating was burned in a moment, but the paintwork of DCC wasn’t burned.

Potassium chloride experiment

The photo on the right shows the experiments it soaked in the saturated saline solution (Oxydol + Salt) for 30 minutes.
Rust caused by the salt on the paintwork coated DCC wasn’t found admirably.
It means the DCC has absolute layers and it is very effective against potassium chloride.

Folding experiment

After coating DCC on the film (100 micron thickness) which is used as the printed matter in printing process, there was no peeling when we folded it.
According to above experiment, we can prove enough for the flexibility of DCC car body coating thick layers.


About Absolute layer… It means the perfectly

Ultraviolet rays cutting function

It protects the paint layer from ultraviolet rays, and prevents fade and deterioration.
Even if it is coated on the signboard, it protects the red color which is easily faded.

Weather resistance

It is less for the deterioration from ultraviolet rays, chalking, yellowing of coating membrane and fade luster.
In a word, it can keep the stable characteristic of coating film for long time.

Salt damage resistance

Because 3-dimensional Siloxane bond is a main skeleton, when making a high molecular compound, it has strong bonding hand, so it protects the coating film from the salt damage.

Chemical resistance

It seems the chemical resistance has effect against alcohol, thinner and industrial gasoline, after the liquid curing.

It ranks first in this industry, it has amazing thick layer. The beauty, Absolute layer has enabled.

Conventional glass coating layer is only 0.25~0.50 micron and it doesn’t often make perfect membrane. And so that the scratch of car washing and towel wiping easily goes into the coating. That is current status.
But DCC is developed for each maker (each car model), so it enables optimum adhesion.Furthermore it has characteristic that it protects from the scratch of car washing and towel with it’s very thick coating layer.
Even if the car has gotten tiny scratch, because each car is coated with absolute layer, it will disappear with simple touch up.
Furthermore, D-Crystal Coat No.3 can against the expansion and contraction of the body, so there is no crack and fade.
It has an insulation effect, so it can prevent shock of static electricity when you touch the car body as anti static effect.
It is an inorganic solvent, so it is good coating material for the workers.